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Keychron Low Profile Optical Brown Switch Set 88 Pcs

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The Low-profile Keychron Optical switch is engineered to
build an ultimate ultra-slim mechanical keyboard.

With the MX-styled stem housing and ultra-low latency, the low profile Keychron Optical switches are crafted for typists or gamers who want to type at lightning speed with a lifespan much greater than industry standards.

*Low profile Keychron Optical switch keyboard is not compatible with any conventional mx style mechanical switch.

Low-profile Keychron Optical Switch Red Blue brown Banana Mint White Black Orange specs

The Banana/Mint switches comes with an early tactile bump of every downstroke like those Panda switches, that’s the main difference between the Banana/Mint and the Brown switch.

Compatible Keyboards:

Keychron K3 / K7 Optical switch keyboard